Paul Beck
Commander Shark

Paul has be in the deep water before and knows his way around the reef. Trust in Paul goes with out saying.

Jay Meta
Marketing Shark

Jay understands what sharks need to swim and how to get their attention. Jay can swim in the deep end.

Scott MetaWise
Tech Shark

Scott can swim faster then most tech sharks and has experience with under water sonar. Scott has the experience to beat any master shark in hand to hand tech.

Bozana Cavar
Lux Shark

Bozana is the Real Estate expert and have command of the sea. Bozana has many friends in the sea.

Loris Rivera
Chief Shark!

Loris is the chief shark at Token Asset Group, LLC. Loris brings an wide background of experience and talent to TAG. This shark bites!

Sean Grady

Harrison Whelan
Editor Shark

Efficient Video Editor with 6+ years of experience in commercial production, content delivery, and multi-media management. “Bring IT”

Jon “Will” Williams
NFT Rockstar

Will is a mighty NFT shark hunter. This shark can make your NFT legend. Technology bends for this shark!

Brian Kolodny
Shark Tracker

Brian is a wild shark that can not be tamed. This shark attacks from nowhere with ferocity. Never surrender never give up!