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What to expect from the course

If you are new to the digital real estate landscape than you have come to the right place. In this course you will learn everything you need to talk in the Crypto real estate space. You will learn everything from blockchain, digital wallets, tokenization, and a lot more.

Get to know your instructor

Bozana Cavar is a highly experienced, multilingual real estate professional specializing in the luxury market. An avid seller and investor, Bozana knows the ins and outs of the business and works fiercely to negotiate the best outcome no matter which side you’re on. Her keen eye for global and domestic business deals has taken her all over—from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Toronto, Canada to Beverly Hills, California to Miami, Florida where she continues to influence the luxury real estate market. With residences around the world and successful businesses in several of the country’s largest affluent sectors, Bozana is uniquely positioned to shepherd clients in high-yielding investments.

3 reviews for Crypto Real Estate Course

  1. Michael Carruso

    I was blessed to get early access to this course! I found it informative and challenging. Be prepared to really take on a lot of new content as Bozana really drops next level knowledge. I learned how to speak to my clients on the subject of Crypto and sound like a true GURU!

  2. Monty

    I took the course love the course amazing.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Great course, love Bozana

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